Hydra Facial Machine

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Hydra Dermabrasion Machine-
The Hydra Oxygen Dermabrasion machine uses oxygen under extreme pressure and takes tiny water drops through spray-type probe to rub on skin. It penetrates nutrient components to pores and fills cracks of skin from the epidermis to dermis layer and rapidly promote reproduction of cells by directly supplying rich nutrient to skin. Simultaneously, it clears deep dirt in epidermis. Oxygen of extreme pressure and nutrient liquid can stimulate the reproduction of fiber tissues in dermis, promote cells metabolism, rejuvinates skin and improves skin whitening. It also helps to improve skin texture, promotes collagen and effectively treats wrinkles, Blackheads, Acne and Pigmentation.
1.Bi-pole RF: Penetrating the barrier of epidermal basal melanophore, heating the dermal collagen fibers to 55℃-65℃ to accelerate contraction.
2.Ultrasonic: activating cells, accelerating metabolism and promoting cell permeability thus helping lead in and absorb skin care product and achieve skin beauty.
3.Vibration: stimulating and relaxing skin, cleaning, removing dead skin and blackhead.
4.H2O2 spray: producing oxyhydrogen combined with essence, quickly penetrating dermis through high pressure injection to provide nutrients thus reduce wrinkles, whiten, brighten and rejuvenate skin.
5.Water dermabrasion cleaning: combining cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with no discomfort or downtime.
6.Cold hammer: shrinking pores, enhancing collagen fiber, constricting blood vessels to tighten and soothe skin, maintain elasticity, reduce wrinkles and redness.
7.LED photon therapy: Lights of different wavelengths penetrating skin layers of different depths, accelerating the regeneration of cells and collagen so as to solve various skin problems and realize skin rejuvenation

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