Sakhi Pedicure Station- Gemini

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Product Details
Chair Features:
1.Comfortable High back maintenance free chair.
2. chair rotation right or left 90 degree,easy for clients to access seat.
3. Adjustable headrest up and down suitable for          different heights of clients.
4.Armrest set with foldable tray to hold clients’ hand to do manicure and with cup to hold bottle or coffee to provide the best services for clients.
5.Provided High quality venyle PU leather Acetone resistant to ensure lasting around 5 to 10 years of usage.B

Base Features:

1.Spa base with formica material – Water proof and Acetone ressistant.
2. Aluminium Edge band with silver, gold or black color.
3.Base with LED Spotlight on floor to enhance it’s luxury looks.
5.Unbreakable high quality fiberglass tub.
6. Adjusable footrest up and down,and rotating 360° suitable for different clients
7.Tub fitted with jacuzzi jet and LED lights, shower head and Hot and cold Mixture


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