Sakhi Shampoo Station – Albert

250,000 150,000

The most comfortable design comes with a porcelain basin with Euro mixture-shower. Basin has a tilting mechanism for easy height adjustments and paired with a gel neck rest. These features prevent access water splashing on client and operator. The strong metal base of the unit with easy access to backside plumbing. The chair is upholstered by a durable PVC vinyl with double stitching. Synchronized back movement with footrest with push-button electric switch found on the right side.

Any Customized color on preorder.

Dimensions: L 46’’ x W 25’’ x H 36’’

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Instruction to clean PU upholstery:
1.Avoid strong chemicals.
2.Products used for genuine leather are not suitable for PU leather.
3.Use wet cloth with clean water or a mild soap solution for routine maintenance.
4. Dry surface with a clean and dry cloth.
5. Use certified products disinfectants for upholstery and try their effect first on a small hidden area.
6. Apply disinfectant with a cloth, not spray (WHO recommendation, 16.5.2020) and use damp cloth to remove residues and dry it with a clean dry cloth.
7. Avoid frequent use of disinfectants, it can affect durability and quality of the upholstery.